Sunday, December 2, 2012

Liebster! Finally Got Around to Posting! Thanks Loves!

 Hey Guys!
Sooo many of you have heard of the Liebster Blog Award by now I’m sure, and I really want to thank my dearest Emma and my darling Sammy for nominating me!
So, from what I gather, these are the rules:
-When you are nominated, thank the person in your next post who nominated you and make sure you include the link to their blog!
-In that post, include 11 things about yourself.
-Answer the 11 questions from the person who nominated you.
-Choose 11 bloggers you adore with less than 200 followers.
-Create 11 questions for them to answer.
-Let them know you nominated them!

Sooo let’s get this started!
   1.    I went to an Aerosmith concert last night so I’m incredibly tired right now, excuse my lack of creativity!
   2.    My favourite smells are burning wood (like, campfires), old books, coffee, and grass after it rains
   3.    Candy cane hot chocolate is my Kryptonite and since its Christmas time right now, its finally out and I’m struggling to resist it.
   4.    I love love love comic book things. Specifically Marvel Comics, but I am a huge Superman (DC) fan as well- also I met Stan Lee, creator of Marvel this summer, it’s only been my dream since I was 5, nbd
   5.    I hate wearing shoes and socks. I’d much rather be barefoot
   6.    I hate being cold. I have a heater on at my feet as I type this
   7.    I’m writing a book about my year living with a hooker a couple years back. It’s already blossomed into a series… it’s taken me 2 years and I’m still on the first book…
   8.    I get distracted really easily. I forget things, and I procrastinate, so everything piles up and I’m basically ALWAYS swamped with work
   9.    I adore the crunch of leaves in the fall. And I’m never too old to mess up a stranger’s leaf pile by jumping in it. I love the snow, playing in it and I’m a rockstar snowboarder (14 years in my young 21-year life). Summer is also beautiful, I love the heat, swimming in the lake, etc. Because of this I never complain about the seasons because I love them all and can’t choose! Expect spring, I don’t care for April Showers bringing May allergies.
   10.  I fell out of the top of a massive tree when I was eight (I should basically be dead), as a result I have tiny scars (hardly noticible) all over my knuckles and inside of my biceps- I think they’re kinda cool
   11.  I have a birthmark on my ankle shaped like a heart

Emma’s Questions:
1)    What are two colors you love?
I’ve always been crazy for the colour green. I’ve also had a recent fascination with burgundy, I’m not sure why but it’s such a comforting colour.
2)    What is your favorite movie?
Ever After with Drew Barrymore. Hands down. That’s the movie that I watch whenever I’m sick or upset. I know it by heart so its really comforting to fall asleep to. But that’s followed close behind by the first Harry Potter movie. Definitely a fave in my books!
3)    Do you like pens or pencils?
Both! Pens are for notes and lists, pencils are for crosswords and filling in my calendars and agendas
4)    What is one of your guilty pleasures?
Only one? Well you already know about my candy cane hot chocolate addiction, so I’ll gove a different one- ice cream. I’m so suggestible when it comes to ice cream. Its awful.
5)    What is one thing you can't leave the house without?
I can’t leave without my clothes. Yeah think about that, nobody ever answers clothing to this question. Haha. But actually, a bottle of water. I’d be a mess without it
6)    What is one thing you'll never ever do in life?
I will NEVER sit in a bathtub full of creepy crawlies (bugs, snakes, etc)- no fucking way. Those people on Fear Factor have my respect, but no way in hell would I do it.
7)    What is one thing you've always dreamed of doing?
I’ve always dreamed of travelling the world. There are so many places I want to see and things I want to do and friends worldwide that I’d love to visit.  I’d also LOVE to be in the Olympics, but let’s be realistic, I’m good at a lot of things, but not Great at anything
8)    Has blogging changed your life at all? If so, how?
Blogging (albeit I’ve been terrible lately) has given me such a great support network to rely on. I know you guys are always around if I need you, and I know I’ve been terrible lately, but even still I can count on you guys to be there.
9)    How would the perfect date night go for you?
For me, the perfect date night would be doing something super romantic with my boyfriend (like going to the beach and having a night picnic, or camping, or basically anything, and it would end with a sparkly ring. We have been dating for EVER.
10) What's one thing you wish you could do better?
I wish that I could be a better blogger so I don’t disappoint you guys, and I wish that I was better at any one of my many sports so I could be a pro at something.
11) What's one thing you love about your family?
I love that my family is so relaxed. Being the first born, I had a lot more lenience by my parents than my sisters did, which has been great; my mom and I are really tight which I love. 


Sammy’s Questions:
   1.    who did you have sex with and why where were you on the night of yesterday
Babe, you know you want to know the sex question, butt last night I was actually at my boyfriend’s house ahaha ;)
   2.    describe your sexual orientation 
I’m hetero, but I’ve dabbled (once or twice)
   3.    what turns you on and no light switch jokes guise im onto you
Arms. Omg Idunno what it is lately, but my boyfriend has been working on getting into better shape, and his biceps are killing me lately, sooo sexy.
   4.    same thing; what turns you off
Feet. I think that other peoples’ feet are so disgusting. I, however have the most beautiful, ladylike feet ever. I love my feet. But others’ feet gross me out. I’d also have to say that my biggest turn off in the feet sense are wearing socks during sex. NOPE I’m out….
   5.    wat r ur views on incest
I read this book wayyyy too young (I don’t even know how I came across it) that was about incest, and thanks to that book, I can’t even handle the thought of incest, it gives me the heebie jeebies. Not that I’m being judgy, I just can’t think about it because it all goes back to that book.
   6.    coffee?
YES FUCKING PLEASE. Black. Looooveee me some coffee!
   7.    you are injected with something  that makes you so hypersexual you are attracted to every gender and need to have sex like right now; what do yo do
I would go have sex. Like right now. With whoever I came across next that I found attractive hahaa. (Basing this question on the theory that I’m single, the next person would probs end up being my roommate. Way she goes I guess haha)
   8.    what would you do if your Father was Satan
Dude, how’d you know? But seriously, being a strawberry-blonde (freakish mix of red and blonde hair), I’ve heard all the jokes, from “Satan’s Soul Collector” to “Satan’s Love Child”- I’ve accepted it, and I think Dad and I would have a lot of fun together ;)
   9.    did you once think your nipples were weird or is it just me
Nipples ARE weird.  Especially on boys. WHY DO YOU EXIST!!
   10.  how many times have you worn the same bra/underwear/boxers whatever for more than one day
Oh god, too many times to count. Every winter my friends and I go up to the chalet for a couple of days. No heat, etc, except for the wood fireplace. No fucking way am I stripping down to the nude to change my clothes when the ones I’m wearing are keeping me warm and I’m strapped into a snowsuit anyways so who cares haha! 

My nominees are:

And here are my questions for them!
1.    What made you/how did you start blogging?
2.    What is your biggest pet peeve about people
3.    What is the most dangerous thing you have ever done specifically?
4.    How satisfied are you with your life experiences?
5.    What is your fondest memory?
6.    What is your worst habit?
7.    If you could be anything in the world, what would you be?
8.    What’s your favourite Crayola colour (be creative here, there are thousands!)
9.    Have you ever had a dream you swear to this day was real? Do tell…
10.  What is your favourite flavour of tea? Don’t like tea? Then tell me why?
11.  What’s your answer to the question, “why is a raven like a writing desk?” – be creative. The Mad Hatter didn’t know the answer, I don’t expect you to either.

Sorry if you've already done this! Don't feel you have to do it again! xox


  1. comment reply:

    how could i ever forget you??? omg.

    3 breakdowns!! that's awful :( he should give us new transportation for Christmas! oohhh, you'd have to indulge me and show me pictures of this shiny new Firebolt. broom porn is one of the best forms of porn. too bad it's not like you can go out and buy a broom whenever you fancy!!

    "Hopefully things turn around in the new year since things ended off so Shitty! ❤️❤️" that is what i'm really hoping for!

    YES. OF COURSE I MISSED YOU!!! oh my God. you have to update me and let me know EVERYTHING.

    - Sam Lupin